What Vegans Eat – Day 1777


First Meal: We had a date with my friend Nancy to meet, eat and see a movie. I chose Blossom du Jour in the Times Square area but we couldn’t get out fast enough. It was a small space with dark, depressing, graffiti urban decor, it was overheated and there was no place to sit. We walked a couple of blocks to Bareburger. It’s the holidays and we are splurging. I had a Quinoa, Pea and Chia Seed Burger.

Gary ordered a burger too but he didn’t realize that it normally came wrapped in a Collard Leaf. That’s how I typically order a burger there but I went with the bun. I offered to swap but he kept his and just ate the inside. Since he had a tooth extraction a few days ago the collard leaf was hard to chew so he gave it to me.

Don’t feel sad for Gary. He also had a Peanut Butter Shake and Fries.

Second Meal: We saw the movie Jo Jo The Rabbit. It is an excellent piece, brilliantly executed but very, very sad. We said goodbye to Nancy as she took the subway home to Brooklyn. We weren’t ready to head home. We needed to shake the sad mood. We walked around Manhattan and then went to Westerley for Green Juices. They make the best. We drank them in Central Park while nibbling on Dates rolled in Coconut. It helped to lift our spirits.


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