What Vegans Eat – Day 1779


First Meal: It’s Christmas Day. We were trying to decide what to make for breakfast and couldn’t. I think it’s because we both knew there were still three doughnuts in the house. Doughnuts for breakfast, hurray! I will admit that doughnuts are one of the most unhealthiest foods to eat. When I was a child, on the weekends my dad would bring home bread rolls and doughnuts. We’d have to finish out bread rolls before we could have doughnuts! Refined wheat flour with butter followed by refined wheat flour with sugar! I am happy to say I don’t eat this way anymore. But once a year, not even that often, it’s okay.

Second Meal:
Once we had our little doughnut snack, we decided to move on to a serious holiday brunch. I made the Steel Cut Oats and Millet Waffles.

Gary made the Tofu Scramble with Kale and Bell Peppers. It was extra good topped with Yogurt.

Third Meal: With all that refined flour and sugar in me I craved salad. I made a big one, with Carrots and Hummus on the side.


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