What Vegans Eat – Day 1780


First Meal: This morning I craved Roll Oats and I made us a couple of bowls with Coconut, Apple Sauce, Yogurt, Raspberries and Walnuts.

Second Meal: Gary had an appointment with his oral surgeon and I had a doctor appointment after that in Union Square. A fun day of appointments. Peacefoods is near Union Square and that’s where we went for a late lunch. I normally go for a green juice but today I was a bit daring and chose a Beet/Carrot/Spinach/Cucumber juice. The greens were there but overwhelmed by the beets.

We ordered some small plates, Baked Soy Nuggets served with fresh herbed vegan mayo.

We also got the Chickpea Fries.

Back at home we had a nourishing meal of Millet with a Black Bean and Tomato Stew.


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