What Vegans Eat – Day 1784


Tea: Gary knows I love Teeccino topped with Soy Foam and a bit of Chocolate Powder on top. I’m lucky that he makes it for me often.

First Meal: One good turn deserves another. Gary loves pancakes so I made them for him, plain and some with Chocolate Chips! It’s the holiday season so we are being slightly decadent. They were served with Pink Grapefuit and our favorite toppings.

Second Meal: I was up for making dinner. First a big Kale Salad.

Next I served Lentil Tacos. “Lentil Tacos?” Gary asked, “What are Lentil Tacos?” Have you heard of Lentil Tacos? I didn’t think it sounded strange. You just replace the black beans or pinto beans with lentils. It’s theme and variation. And I love lentils. I cooked them with Corn and Onions and a little Cumin and served them with Corn Tortillas, Cashew Yogurt and Purple Sweet Potatoes.


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