What Vegans Eat – Day 1797


First Meal: Everybody has their handful of dishes they make all the time. We do too, but there are more than a handful. Buckwheat crepes is one of them. Every time I make them I marvel at how easy they are. I made mine savory with a Spinach filling, mixed with some of the Tomato Cashew Cream Tempeh Bell Pepper Bean stew Gary made yesterday.

I started a Tap Dancing class today. I loved it! It was not without its challenges however. I had bought new vegan tap shoes about ten years ago and barely used them. I brought them to dance class and after a few taps, the sole fell off of one shoe and then the other! I have to get them glued back on. The dance studio is next to Fairway, a supermarket on the Upper West Side that I like a lot. I bought as much organic produce as I could carry home.
Second Meal: We’re taking the night off and going to Bareburger. I started with Collard Stem Fries.

I had The Rambler with the quinoa, chia & green pea patty, vegan american cheese, wild mushrooms, green leaf, red onions, tomatoes, vegan mayo, smoke sauce and a sprout bun. It was especially good and gooey tonight.

Gary likes the mix French Fries and Sweet Potato Fries.

He chose the Big Bopper, which normally comes with the quarter pound beyond meat patty but he swapped it with the quinoa, chia & green pea patty. He kept the rest of the Big Bopper fixings which were organic tempeh bacon, american cheese, green leaf, red onions, tomatoes, special sauce and a brioche bun. He said he preferred the quinoa, chia & green pea patty.

A satisfying meal was had by all.

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