What Vegans Eat – Day 1801


First Meal: Today I am at mom’s house. I typically visit once a week to do things for her. I hired a house cleaner recently and quickly learned I need to be there to keep mom distracted so the person can clean. My brother joined in the fun today and I was grateful to have him. We started organizing the garage. I set mom to making a salad for us. She cooks for herself but is never motivated to make salad unless she has people to make it for. She stayed busy chopping while the house cleaner worked upstairs, and my brother and I were in the garage. When we were done we brought the salad mom made to the nicely cleaned upstairs so the house cleaner could work in the kitchen. We ate on the coffee table. It was fun.

Second Meal: I did some food shopping before going home and picked up some Ezekiel bread and fresh strawberries. Gary had cooked Garbanzo beans while I was gone. I was craving a soup I hadn’t made in long time, Corn Chowder. I made it and Gary used the Garbanzo Beans to make “Tuna” Salad Sandwiches. We had soup and sandwiches.

For dessert I prepared a fresh Banana Coconut Cream and poured it over the Strawberries. It was rich.


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