What Vegans Eat – Day 1812


First Meal: I had two auditions this morning. Auditions are exhausting. I got up early, went to Pearl Studios in Manhattan, sat and waited until I could sign up for one audition, then I signed up for the other and sat and waited for my times to arrive. Gary had an audition too and then went to acting class. I ate the two Apples I had brought along with me and drank Chamomile Tea.
Second Meal: I took a nap when I got home and waited for Gary. I couldn’t sleep too long and I got up and made Green Juice for the week. I also cooked some Crimini and Shiitake Mushrooms to add to other dishes later in the week. When Gary got home we had some of the leftover Flageolet “Cassoulet” warmed up with the leftover Mashed Potatoes and served on Corn Tortillas with Mustard Sauce and Avocado. We were both so hungry!

I was so tired I tried to rest again for a little while. My mom called and we had a nice chat. I told her all about my day of auditioning and how tired I was and how I wanted something sweet for dessert, and she said, “Get Gary on it!” When he heard that he jumped up and re-heated the leftover Fruity Corn Waffles and we had them spread with Almond Butter and Date Paste. This was the most delicious taste combination I’ve ever had. I thought I was dreaming. Maybe I was. Fruity Corn Waffles were calling along with the Date Paste.


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