What Vegans Eat – Day 185


Breakfast: Today’s oats were soaked for a little while in coconut milk along with flax seeds, flaked coconut and dried figs, topped with white peaches and served with Kukitcha Tea.
Not only do people ask me what I eat every day (hence this blog), I am also asked how and where I shop. For most of the fresh produce we eat, we get a weekly delivery from GoOrganicNYC. For the dry goods like flours, grains, nuts and seeds I shop online. I look for the best prices and keep track of everything in an Excel spreadsheet. A delivery arrived today with an order I made at Vitacost 2 days before. They had a great sale on Bob’s Redmill foods. Here you can see just about everything that was in that order.
13aug-deliveryDaily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots, Lemon, Ginger.
Dinner: I was meeting my old friend Lawrence for dinner. We met at Simple Veggie Cuisine. He had been craving the Chinese Broccoli for months since he had it there last. The owner Lisa came over to say hello and tell me the news. She was selling the restaurant. She tried to convince me that it was good news. She had sold it to a Chef who had other restaurants and who would prepare vegan food that was similar to what was offered now. Plus she said it would be easier for him, being a chef and having a team. I think Lisa has been challenged with chefs not sticking around too long. This was very sad news for me and I can only hope the next owner’s food is indeed vegan, and good.
We started with the Radish Cake for an appetizer.
Of course we ordered some Chinsee Broccoli and it was delicious. If I had to choose one food in the world I could live on, I think it would be this – but it would have to be prepared like it is at Simple Veggie.
We ordered the Flat Noodle Veggie Beef.
And the Hot Pot Lamb, the #1 favorite dish on the menu.
I will have to get back there next week when Gary is back home from his California trip. We will both need our last fix and to say good bye to everyone.

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