What Vegans Eat – Day 202


Breakfast: My second breakfast on Fire Island was the same as the day before: Rolled Oats, Shredded Coconut, Pumpkin Seeds and Dates, along with Kukitcha Tea.
I did not want to be hungry on the beach like the day before so I wanted to eat more! I heated up half of the Creamy Carrot Bisque I brought with me. I was glad I had made a big batch and froze them weeks before.
On the beach we got to enjoy the peaches we had purchased the day before from a local vendor. Sweet and juicy! It’s hard to find good juicy peaches these days and this was a winner.
Dinner: I was leaving on the 5:20pm ferry to go back home. I prepared a late lunch/early dinner of all the remaining foods I had to eat before returning. I ate some sprouted tofu, cold and plain. I love it this way! I finished the remaining Creamy Carrot Bisque. I cooked up 1/2 cup of dried pink lentils and ate them up. They were so good. I was sated and ready for the journey home. On the way to the ferry we walked passed some deer having their dinner.
Daily Green Juice: When I got home there was a defrosted green juice waiting for me. Thank you, Gary!

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