What Vegans Eat – Day 263


Breakfast: The morning began with a cup of Vanilla Black Tea with Soy Milk served to me in bed. I like to call this “weekend tea” because its flavor is rich and comforting. It makes me feel like I am on a luxurious vacation in a fabulous hotel. Only the reality is, most hotels I have stayed in do not serve tea this good!
For most of the day I was not hungry. I don’t have an explanation for it. So I didn’t eat. When my green juice defrosted I sipped on it slowly and that kept me going most of the day.
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Carrots, Celery, Lemon, Lime
Dinner: We were invited to an early evening event called The Spooky Truth About Dairy with Canadian journalist Élise Desaulniers, author of Lantern Books’ Cash Cow, and Gene Baur, co-founder of Farm Sanctuary and author of Living the Farm Sanctuary Life, to discuss the dairy industry in North America. It was moderated by Mia MacDonald of Brighter Green. This last Tuesday I interviewed Élise Desaulniers on my show, IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD. You may remember that Gary and I have three recipes in Gene Baur’s Living the Farm Sanctuary Life and I interviewed Gene back in 2013. In 2011 I interviewed Mia McDonald about her organization and she gave the group a brief update on all the great work Brighter Green has been doing recently, especially how the dairy industry is taking their big propaganda machine to China. It’s sad and scary.
There was a lot of yummy vegan food for everyone including two soups (curry coconut and a creamy parnip), Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras, Olives, Pecans, Blue Corn Chips and Salsa, Rice Krispie Treats, Chocolate Fondue with sliced Apples and Bread. Still not too hungry I munched on a few pecans and olives, tried some of the curry soup, shared a rice krispie treat with Gary and we both filled our glasses with Shinn Estates red wine. Shinn Estates Vineyards is on the east end of Long Island. Their wines are vegan, organic and very good!
After a bit of mingling we listened to the speakers and followed with a lively conversation about the dairy industry, the problems with consuming dairy products and the dairy industry’s devastating impact on the environment.
There was a question about what to tell people who think drinking soy milk and eating soy foods are far worse than consuming dairy products. I offered viewing our video report called Soy Story which answers many questions people have about soy.
The evening ended early. Gene Baur was running in the NYC Marathon the following morning. Go Gene!
Evening: We got home and I was starving! It felt good to be hungry again. I had cooked some fava beans the day before. I sautéed some onions and added in the fava beans along with lemon juice, garlic, parsley and water and let it all simmer into a delicious Ful. I also made some tricolor Quinoa and served it with a Rooibos Vanilla Almond Tea.

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