What Vegans Eat – Day 329


Breakfast: Before going to sleep and when I woke up early in the morning my mind was imagining making a smoothie. A green smoothie! I was almost feeling obsessed about it. Gary was sweet and brought me Bai Mu Dan white tea while I was still in bed reading. When I got up I made the smoothie of my dreams, with Kale, Blueberries, Pineapple, Flax Seeds, Coconut and Water.
Lunch: Lentil Soup may not be a very attractive dish but I can never get enough of it. It is so delicious and filling. I had planned on having sweet potatoes afterwards but I was completely sated.
Dinner: I didn’t have a green juice today so Kale Salad seemed like a good choice for dinner. I massaged the ingredients together: Kale, Chopped Red Onions, Chopped Black Wrinkled Olives, Blueberries and Apple Cider Vinegar. Fortunately I had room for the Sweet Potatoes I didn’t eat at lunch.
Evening: We love our evening tea. Rooibos Vanilla Almond is a favorite. The almonds give it a rich flavor and rooibos is caffeine free.

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  1. Today’s smoothie looks fabulous! I usually begin with a green smoothie and include some chia seeds and vegan protein powder.

    I remember you get your bulk organic peppermint tea from Starwest Botanicals. What about your Bai Mu Dan and Vanilla Almond Rooibos please? I’m looking to try both.

    Thanks Caryn and Happy New Year!


    • Hi Sandra, We get most of our teas from Arbor Teas. The teas come in compostable bags. The ones we typically buy are all organic and fair trade. Black Teas: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Vanilla Black; Green Teas: Jasmine, Kukitcha, Genmaicha; White Tea: Bai Mu Dan; Herbal: Rooibos Vanilla Almond. – Here’s to your next good cup of tea! – Caryn

      • Thanks! Arbor came up when I was searching on the names and I liked their site so glad to hear they’re the company. Please let me know if you have a referral/affiliate link. 🙂

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