What Vegans Eat – Day 376: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: The morning was spent running around the neighborhood by the hotel to get cash from my Costa Rica bank account and recharge my local phone. Each time I visit I have these problems and when I think I have it all figured out, the rules change. It always takes time to get settled in. Sometimes I wonder if technology makes thing easier or more complicated. I was hungry and I mashed up another papaya and half an avocado. After 3 days of papaya I am ready for something else!
Mashed papaya

Lunch: Next on the agenda was a 3-hour bus ride to San Isidro. I brought the book Proteinaholic by Garth Davis, MD. He will be on my show next week. The book is about how protein, animal protein causes obesity and type 2 diabetes and he promotes a healthy vegan diet. When I am not preparing or eating food I am reading about it!

Once in San Isidro I took a 45-minute taxi ride to San Savador. This is where my property is. It is just land with no house. I am fortunate to stay on my friend Beth’s farm.

I met Beth and her family in Costa Rica in 2004 or 2005. She and her husband and their 2 young boys were on a raw vegan diet back then and it’s easy to be raw when you live in paradise! Beth and I have grown very close over the years and it was great to see her! I can also be honest with Beth and I said I was STARVING and so she immediately made us Peanut Butter/Frozen Banana/ Cocoa Smoothies. The green net in the background is for when they use the table to play ping pong!

Peanut Butter Smoothie

We went over to Steve’s house and he showed me all of newest inventions and structures he had built since I had seen him last. They have a large greenhouse area on a different part of the property and Steve had built a new greenhouse next to his home.

We walked out off the farm and visited the trapeze artists across the road who were giving lessons to participants at their current retreat. Beth had been there earlier teaching them yoga.

Dinner: There wasn’t time for creativity for dinner. I made a pot of split peas and another for brown rice. I steamed the fresh kale and spinach we got from the garden and added some fresh ginger. I had two large servings of everything.
Split peas and rice

Beth had a brown rice pasta dish. Afterwards we peeled dried hibiscus to put in bags for tea while watching a movie. The hibiscus has tiny needles that prick your fingers but we endured. She offered me some dark chocolate for dessert which I looked at all during the movie. I was too full to eat it!

Gary, what did your food day look like? xoxo

Hi Caryn! My food day, I like that! My food day, that’s fun to say! My food day, OKAY! I woke to find “the butler” had squeezed the juice of several organic oranges that we had in the fridge that he said, “Looked like they needed to be dealt with right away, Sir.” Just kidding. We don’t have a butler. But seriously, I felt very posh by starting the day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. And it was filled with pulp! Fantastic!
Orange Juice

Then I made a batch of one of our signature dishes here at Responsible Eating and Living: oatmeal with apples and raisins smothered in cinnamon and almonds. And I added a little drizzle of the brown sugar syrup I made the other day. We still have a little left. It was like eating donuts!


For dinner I had a repeat of the cabbage soup and “My Grandmother’s Torte Genovese”. Molto buono!

I miss you terribly but I know you’re where you love to be! Love, love, love! See you tomorrow for DAY 377 of What Vegans Eat: Special Travel Edition! Ciao, bella!

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