What Vegans Eat – Day 378: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: Not wanting to waste anything, I am eating the food I’ve prepared before making something completely new. So with Brown Rice, Cabbage, Plaintains and Avocado I made a giant tasty breakfast bowl which I couldn’t finish. I worked on it through lunch. I also had Hibiscus Tea and some Green Powder with water.
Tuesday CR Breakfast
I saw a Toucan! And then another! Right here where I was sitting. They came to say hello. Hello!
Snack: With four of the farm’s oranges I wrote about yesterday, I blended them up with a banana and let it chill for awhile before drinking it. It was just what I needed.
Orange Smoothie
Dinner: You see all kinds of life here, all living in harmony (I hope!).
I had soaked some black beans earlier in the day and then let them cook. I had prepared what I thought would be a Green Cabbage/Papaya/Orange Slaw but it the cabbage was too rough and raw so I put it all in a pot and cooked it. I served it with Black Beans and Mashed Avocado. There were lots of leftovers so we’ll be seeing these foods tomorrow.
Beans Cabbage Avocado
Evening: As I mentioned, night comes early here with the sun setting around 6pm. And it looks like I’ve got another sunset picture to post. I watched the sun go down with a small piece of Dark Chocolate.
Tuesday CR Sunset
Tell me about your food day Gary!
Hi Caryn!
I love that you saw a Toucan! It really puts things into perspective— you’re in a tropical paradise!
My food day started with two slices of Bordelaise (toast) from the French bakery in Forest Hills. I bought a loaf and had them slice it for me; I’ve got it stashed in the freezer. Gluten is such a rarity in this house I always feel guilty when I buy a loaf. It’s such a great bakery! A really great addition to the neighborhood which is primarily made up of meat-centric restaurants like Bare Burger and Aged and Mr. Steak. Austin Street has a lot of meat. Some of the restaurants will actually chase you out if you say you’re a vegan or an atheist. The closest 100% vegan restaurant is in Rego Park (Green Zenphony). But you know all of this so why am I rambling? Probably because my breakfast does not look very interesting but what you’re not seeing is the peanut butter and the apricot butter that I buttered my bread with. And I saved a piece for you like I always do but you weren’t home so I ate with my dinner. I had an apple with my peanut butter and toast too. And English Breakfast tea with soy milk.
I worked through lunch.
For dinner I made three of our REAL signature dishes: Baked Tofu, Oven Baked Fries, and Steamed Greens with onions and ginger. I have leftovers for another day.
I miss you more than I did yesterday. Love you! See you tomorrow for What Vegans Eat – Day 379: Special Travel Edition!

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