What Vegans Eat – Day 380: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: My breakfast was already made the night before, Mashed Malanga with Caramelized Plantains. I liked it but could only eat about a third of what I made. I had Hibiscus Tea and Gary Null’s Green Powder.
Mashed Malanga with Caramelized Plantains
What I really was in the mood for was Papaya. I took 1/2 of one and cubed the flesh. I know I had overdone the Papaya earlier in the week, but I am loving it again.
Papaya cubes
Lunch: Still more leftovers to consume! I combined the Gingered Kale with the Cabbage/Plantain/Papaya Salad. After that I had 1/2 of an Avocado. I love eating a plain avocado, just scooping it out of its skin with a spoon, like pudding. It’s a treat.
Kale and Cabbage Salads
Dinner: When I had shopped earlier this week my intent was to buy different roots that I didn’t normally cook and eat (at home) and that traveled well. I didn’t realized I got two kinds of Malanga, just differently shaped. I have to say I am not that excited about this food. But I thought I would try something different with these round ones.
More Malanga
I decided to make Taro Fries. There is an oven here, but it’s hot and I didn’t feel comfortable using it. So I sauteed the sticks in a little olive oil. The result was not as good as if I had baked them, I am sure of that. And I was not thrilled with the results. Either I am not a fan of taro (malanga) or I just need to try it again at home with all my toys, tools and seasonings.
Taro Fries
It’s my last night on the farm for this trip. I will miss it here. It was too cloudy to get a sunset but it still looked pretty.
I will see you very soon Gary. What was cooking today?
Hi Caryn!
WOW! Such great looking food! Love it!
Today started with yesterday’s oatmeal.
If you remember, yesterday I wrote about how I had put two whole star anise in with the oatmeal while it was cooking and it was a flavor that annoyed me. Well, I’m happy to report when eaten cold it is pretty darn tasty. For breakfast I had what was left of the oatmeal (cold) and a cup of black tea with soy milk. The cold oats sort of tasted like bread pudding with essence of Old Spice aftershave. Yummy!
I was going to be working all day at REAL HQ, so I put 2 cups of dried chickpeas to soak in the REAL Test Kitchen and a slab of tempeh in the oven with our signature marinade. Then I got to work on some recipes for the REAL cookbook which is coming along nicely and should be in stores before the apocalypse. Moving right along…
Here’s a recipe I think I’m definitely considering putting in the book (Post Apocalyptic Vegan Cooking). It’s a sneak peak for all of your faithful What Vegans Eat followers, Cha Cha Chickpea Chowder:
After you soak your dried chickpeas for at least five hours, rinse them and put them in a big soup pot with around five quarts of water. Bring them to a boil and simmer for about another hour/until tender. Then cook the soup with the chickpeas right in their simmering cooking water— perfect for cooking outdoors while running from flesh eating Zombies.
Here’s the recipe:
Start with the aromatics: onions (1 chopped); carrots (5 chopped); celery (6 ribs chopped). Put them right in the pot.
Next add the spice mix: 1 Tablespoon ground Turmeric; 1 Tablespoon dried Herbes de Provence; 1 teaspoon fennel; 1 teaspoon red pepper flake; 1 teaspoon ground black pepper; 1 to 2 teaspoons salt (optional) — put it all in a spice grinder and blend until it becomes a fine powder. Add to the pot of simmering soup
Cook the vegetables and the spices until tender.
Next take a one pound bag of organic corn from the freezer (if you’re on the run from flesh eating Zombies take it from your battery operated freezer) and put it in your vita-mix/blender (ditto) and blend the corn with around three cups of the simmering soup broth AFTER THE BROTH HAS COOLED. BE CAREFUL! Let the soup cool to room (tent) temperature or the blender will explode.  Add the corn/broth mixture to the soup and simmer another fifteen minutes. Adjust the seasoning and dig in! I garnished my bowl with a little steamed brown rice.
It’s really hearty and delicious. I have a gigantic container waiting for you in the refrigerator along with some of our signature marinated tempeh so you can make a “sangwich” when you get home. Maybe a Tempeh Ruben on that GLUTEN bread from the French bakery that I have in the freezer. Perish the thought!
See you Sunday! Love, love, love! xoxoxo


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