What Vegans Eat – Day 457


Breakfast: This was going to be another long day without access to the kind of food I prefer to eat. I needed to be prepared. First, a bowl of Rolled Oats, Unsweetened Soy Milk, Bananas, Blackberries and Strawberries along with some Earl Grey Tea. Frozen berries are lovely, convenient and nutritious. But fresh berries are heavenly. A good start!
Lunch: This day consisted mostly of sitting and waiting. I had my computer with me but I couldn’t get the WiFi to work. I did what I could without connecting. Fortunately, I still had two Healthy World Burgers left from my travel lunch yesterday and I filled a bag with Mesclun Greens. I like eating them plain, like chips.
Dinner: Still sitting and waiting, and without WiFi, I got to catch up on reading the New Yorker Magazine. I am still working on April issues. I broke into the bowl of leftover Goulash made from the day before. It was gou, gou, good. For dessert, I finished up Gary’s Gorp and munched on an organic apple.
Evening: It had been a long day and I looked forward to sleep. But first, I relaxed a little with Ginger tea, chatting with my hosts.
What did you eat today, Gary? Eating is just not the same without you!
I agree, eating is better when we’re at the same table together. Anticipating your return when that might happen, I made soup. Bean soup. Black bean soup. I think there’s a recipe at REAL but if not I’ll put one together. You’ll be eating black bean soup until we go to California. Did I mention there’s a lot of soup here? Yeah, I went kind of crazy with the soup. Oh, and millet. Lots of steamed millet. Millet and soup. That’s what I ate, with avocado. Come home and have some bean soup! I even put Porcini powder in the soup. They say you can’t even taste it when mushrooms are in powder form and once again whoever “they” are…they are wrong. That said, the mushroom flavor isn’t so horrible. It actually tastes pretty good. I’m sure I’m just experiencing loss. When you return from your voyage I promise I won’t like mushrooms. Until then, love you! Miss you! Travel safely! xo

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