What Vegans Eat – Day 471: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: I love eating fruit that comes directly from the tree! We picked grapefruits several days ago and are enjoying them every morning.
Now I return to the game we started yesterday, what’s different about this oatmeal served with blueberries and bananas? Normally we make our morning oat cereals with rolled oats. This time we used steel cut oats and I love the juicy, chewiness!
Someone recently asked me if I post everything I eat. I think the implication was, if I eat things that are kind of junky do I post them too? The answer is yes! I will admit to occasionally grabbing a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts or seeds and not posting them – I don’t take the time to photograph them and then I forget. But this day was an unplanned, grazing day of the good and not so good. I had a lot of catching up to do and Gary had meetings and was away most of the day. I thought after our most excellent breakfast that I would wait for him to come back before having a meal. But I got hungry and distracted. Things started out reasonably well – I munched on pieces of baked tofu Gary had made a few days before. I grabbed some organic baby carrots and dipped them in almond butter. They were quite orange, juicy, sweet and delicious. Just a note here about baby carrots. They are cut and easy to serve. But whenever you cut or peel a vegetable it will start to decompose and lose nutrition, faster than if you just picked them. Either way they lose nutrition which is why it is best to eat food soon after they are harvested. I don’t buy baby carrots for that reason and when you start to see the color fade that means the nutrients are going. These carrots were still bright orange and so tasty. I told my body to take the best from them.
Then there were the organic blue corn chips, the jar of organic salsa, a small amount of pasha chocolate chips and walnuts. When Gary came home we were both so hungry, and tired. Fortunately he had brought us both green juices from Whole Foods. We finished the baked tofu and the carrots. Afterwards, we gobbled up the chips and the quickly made gorp with the chips and nuts. It was a rare moment, fun and done.

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