What Vegans Eat – Day 484: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: We were heading up to San Francisco for an appointment. But first we enjoyed a bowl of Rolled Oats with Strawberries, Flax Seeds and English Breakfast Tea, poolside.
Lunch: After our meeting it was celebration time with one of our favorite restaurant that we have not been to in so long, Herbivore! We started with their Green Juice which I love because it had fresh mint in it. I got mine without Apple which makes it much greener.
Gary was craving their breakfast burrito and I had the Ginger Noodle Soup with Oyster Mushrooms and Veggie Beef. I don’t remember it being this good!
Dinner: We did some shopping at Whole Foods and happily bought some stunning locally grown, organic fruits. Back at home we made a colorful Fruit and Kale Salad with Mangoes, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, Lime Juice, Red Onion and Walnuts.

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