What Vegans Eat – Day 549: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: The night before we had planned to go to Santa Cruz today. But when morning came, there were things to do and we decided to try to get to Santa Cruz another day before we leave on Monday evening. We began the day with Earl Gray Tea and Soy Milk.
Lunch: Getting hungry, there was a lot of food in the pool house that needed prepping. Gary sautéed the Kale with Red Onions.
Gary also suggested making sandwiches with Tofu Burgers on Corn Tortillas. I topped mine with Red Lentil Cashew Spread.
Tea Time: We walked around some stores looking for gifts to buy. Afterward we went to our favorite coffee shop, Big Basin Cafe for Masala Chai Tea and Vegan Turnovers, raspberry and cherry.
Dinner: One of the things we wanted to do since we got to NorCal 3 months ago was walk down to Los Gatos one evening from Monte Sereno where we are staying and have a glass of wine, walk around town and walk back. We don’t drink if we know we have to drive so the idea of walking and getting a glass of wine would be a treat. We met up with Gary’s brother and sister-in-law at the Wine Cellar.They had just finished dinner and agreed to stick around and have dessert while we had our wine. Gary selected a lovely Italian Zinfandel, rich, red and “chewy” with flavor.
Evening: We walked around town a little bit. It was getting late and many of the restaurants were closing. We passed by Blue Line and Gary remembered they had vegan pizza. We had to try it. We got a large thin crust pie with Spinach, Sundried Tomatoes, Olives, and sweet Roasted Garlic. Gary had Daiya cheese on his half and I had Mushrooms. Wow! It was so good. And we ate it all. We walked our wheat bellies all the way back to Monte Sereno where I made some Mint Tea.


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