What Vegans Eat – Day 565


Breakfast: We love out waffles. All of them. Try all of our waffle and pancake recipes. Gary made a variation on the Light and Crispy Oat Waffles with Blueberries for me and Bananas and Maple Syrup for him. I am really enjoying cold brewed tea – simply adding loose tea to a jar, pouring in the cold water and chilling it. A couple of hours later, it’s a cool drink. Today I made some with Jasmine Tea. Dr. Greger told us that cold brewing green and black teas is more nutritious. I’ll drink to that. Cheers!
Aren’t they just beautiful? And all gone now, until next time.
We will be cooking a lot more again soon, when the heat dies down and our GoOrganicNYC delivery arrives. In the meantime, it’s Green Zenphony! I tried something new, the Bean Curd Platter Supreme with fried bean curd, wheat veggie beef, sun dried tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, basil & broccoli rabe in a chef’s special seasoning. Gary got the Sesame Whole Wheat Seitan.
Yes, we got our favorite Stir Fried Pea Pod Leaves and I ordered the Red Cabbage with Lemon Juice for my daily “green” juice.
Evening: Gary surprised me with a simple cool sweet treat: A Strawberry Smoothie.

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