What Vegans Eat – Day 566


Breakfast: Leftover Socca, leftover Waffles, leftover Blueberries mixed with Bananas, Corn Thins, Peanut Butter, Apricot Butter and Sliced Grapefruit, an easy, great breakfast. Gary had hot Vanilla Black Tea with Cashew Milk and I went with cold brewed Jasmine tea.
Dinner: We couldn’t wait any longer. Only one more day until our GoOrganicNYC delivery and we needed salad. A big salad. So we went hunting for Romaine and came home with a heavy bag of groceries from The Natural, the market we shop at in our ‘hood. Gary used two heads of lettuce, topped it with Garbanzo Beans, Tomatoes, Green Onions, some leftover Green Zenphony Brown and Red Rice and tossed it with Little Seed Caesar Dressing. I dusted the top with ground Flax Seed. We ate it all.
After a big workout in our building gym, we were so hungry. I had rowed about 4800m and Gary ran. Fortunately the gym is air conditioned. I could not have done it Bikram-style, i.e. hot rowing or hot running. Too hot. We had to eat afterwards. My mom had given us a box of Matzoh when we visited my parents last week. I don’t know why really. Passover was months ago. But Peanut Butter on Matzoh with Apricot Butter sounded good, so that is what we had. It was good.

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