What Vegans Eat – Day 570


Breakfast: Today was a day of simple, classic foods, REAL style. It began with our big bowl of Rolled Oats, Blueberries, Ground Flax Seeds, Bananas, Apples and Coconut Milk with cold-brewed Jasmine tea, my new summer favorite.. Served on the terrace makes it taste event better.
Lunch: Another classic, Kale Salad made with Tahini Dressing, Carrots, Tomatoes and Sunflower Seeds. Gary likes to cover his salad with Sky Valley Sriracha Sauce and Nutritional Yeast.
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots
Dinner: Pasta is a special treat in our family. Gary made his Classic Tomato Sauce and tossed it with Brown Rice Pasta. We generously topped our dishes with Red Pepper Flakes and Nutritional Yeast. I topped mine with a Mushroom Medley. Like kids, we pretended we were drinking a Rosé wine, but it was Iced Rooibos Chai tea.
Ending with another REAL classic in our family, Blueberry Ice Dream.

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