What Vegans Eat – Day 578


Breakfast: Breakfast was a dream come true. I went to bed looking forward to Gary’s Lentil Cabbage Soup and had a big bowl for breakfast before getting back to our weekend project of overhauling the apartment. I topped the soup with Nutritional Yeast.
Lunch: Lunch was a repeat of breakfast: Lentil Cabbage Soup and Nutritional Yeast.
Daily Green Juice: I made a week’s worth of green juice with Kale, Collards, Celery and Lemons. I was very excited about making this juice because we had just received a big box of big California Lemons from cousin Nancy’s tree in San Jose. Thank you Nancy and Wade!! This juice is spectacular.
Dinner: Now the sad story begins. We recently decided to buy our first Flat Screen TV. We don’t watch a lot of television and the one we had worked fine. But for reasons I cannot explain, a few weeks ago we received two identical boxes, each with a $100 gift card to Target and a small stuffed Target dog doll. We have a new Target in our neighborhood but there was no explanation as to why we received these gifts. No one else in our building got them. We decided to get a flat screen tv and use the gift cards. We had worked hard, cleaning and purging and sweating in the summer heat and humidity. We prepared the room for the new TV, getting the cable in the right place, choosing a location and a table to put it on. We were ready. We carefully took it out of the box, set it up and turned it on. The screen had a cool, colorful mosaic pattern. It was cracked, split everywhere. Now we have to ship it back and start all over again! After calling Target, repacking the box for pickup, cleaning up the mess and settling in, Gary served dinner. We had the Potatoes and Tempeh with Prunes he had made the day before.
Evening: So thirsty from the hard work and heat, I was glad to have made some Cold-Brewed Rooibos Chai Tea. We drank this refreshing drink with a luttle treat of Almonds, Dark Chocolate and Coconut.

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