What Vegans Eat – Day 598


Breakfast: As promised, Fruity Waffles were served for breakfast with Raspberry Coulis. It was delightful waking up, knowing that this breakfast treat was already made, just waiting to be warmed, served and enjoyed. We’ve been drinking a lot of Vanilla Black tea these days but this morning I went for Genmaicha. With it’s toasted flavor it seemed just right for a rainy day.
Lunch: We were planning to film a video later in the day so I scheduled an appointment with my hair stylist. Before heading out in the rain for the appointment I enjoyed a cozy cup of creamy Split Pea Soup.
Dinner: We skipped our GoOrganicNYC delivery this week and as a result we are running low on leafy greens. Craving salad, Gary braved the wet weather and went out hunting for fresh organic produce, which he found in abundance at the Natural Market in Forest Hills, not far from where we live. And he made it home safely. Sensing my hunger, before getting the dinner together he quickly warmed up the small portion of Veggie Beef Chow Fun leftover from our Green Zenphony excursion the day before, along with some of my FungusAmongus Organic Mushrooms and served it to me as an appetizer.
Dinner consisted of more Split Pea Soup, Millet and Salad with Little Seed Caesar Dressing.
Evening: After filming, I was working late, in post production, editing. A light treat was served to me at my desk, Frozen Strawberries, blended and topped with Sprinkles – shredded Coconut, my favorite!
Daily Green Juice: I forgot to have my green juice today!

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