What Vegans Eat – Day 690


Breakfast/Lunch: It’s New Year’s Eve and we’ll be renting a car and driving to the little town of Bethlehem… in Pennsylvania to the home of our friends Tamera and Keith for their New Year’s Eve party. In addition to New Year’s Eve it’s also Keith’s birthday and he’s been throwing this little soiree since he was 16 years old, so we were attending the 43rd annual! It’s the best and we are lucky to be invited. I made a batch of Latkes for the last day of Chanukah. We had some for breakfast and munched on the rest during the drive and while getting ready in our hotel room before the party. We also brought along Apples, Oranges, Bananas and Chocolate Chips for travel food.
Dinner: The event always starts downstairs at Tamera’s and Keith’s in their party room, complete with full bar and indoor and outdoor fireplaces. We sat a while by the Crudités and Hummus, the vegan trough, to get our fill of fresh veggies.
Dinner is loud and festive, in a rented tent attached to the living room. We had our undressed salads, (no cheese please) before the Karaoke event. Six groups of ten got up to sing and prance around in front of everyone. Our group was last and we sang Bill Wither’s “Lean On Me”. Everyone stood up for the song for an incredible “Kumbaya” moment. Our group won! What a way to end the year – as winners.
There were three vegans at the event and we were served Pasta with Tomato Sauce in lieu of Lasagna with cheese and meat sauce.
Later the desserts were put out. The best one of course was the fresh Pineapple with Blackberries.
Happy New Year Everybody! See you next year, right here, tomorrow.

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