What Vegans Eat – Day 696: Travel Edition


Breakfast: Our first morning meal in the pool house here in Monte Sereno consisted of fresh homegrown Oranges from cousin Nancy’s tree and Irish Breakfast Tea that we brought from home.
Lunch: There was no questions about where we would go for lunch, to relax and settle in to our 9-week stay here in Northern California: the Vegetarian House, our home away form home for great food. We began with a large Heavenly Salad, which tasted better than ever.
Gary wanted something comforting, like a vegan version of chicken noodle soup, so he got the Chinese Vegetable Noodle soup and was satisfied.
For me, it was the Flying Buddha. Looking at the photo of it right now, I am ready for more! It’s always good.
Daily Green Juice: Whole Foods in Campbell will be our mainstay for green juice during this trip. The Campbell blend with the kick of fresh ginger is my favorite right now.
Dinner: There wasn’t much leftover from lunch but I finished the cup or so left of the Flying Buddha soup with another orange.
Evening: The last time we were here in California I discovered Trader Joe’s Well-Rested Tea. It’s refreshing and relaxing. I brought the remaining bags home and back again on this trip. We’ll need to get more pretty soon.

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