What Vegans Eat – Day 710: Travel Edition


Breakfast: It’s our day off! Well, not really. It’s a day off from Fiddler rehearsals and that means time to catch up on preparing for upcoming rehearsals and work here at our mobile Responsible Eating And Living headquarters. The day begins with Rolled Oats, Bananas, Coconut and Soy Milk with Kukicha Tea.
Lunch: I am preparing for the first rehearsal with our Fiddler Band on Sunday. I made a very quick big salad of Arugula, Chickpeas and Balsamic Vinegar.
Feeling I needed a few more calories, I went for our reliable Corn Thins, topped with Avocado.
Daily Green Juice: Whole Food Campbell Blend
Dinner: Gary made a quick and fabulous stir fry made with Tofu, Asian Greens, Fresh Tomatoes and Chickpeas, topped with Avocado and served with Sprouted Corn Tortillas.
We visited Gary’s sister Deb and brother-in-law Allen. Their daughter Lisa and future son-in-law Brian were there and had asked to see us and talk about their wedding. We brought Coconut Bliss and Sugar cones. It was a party.

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