What Vegans Eat – Day 764: Travel Edition


Breakfast: Finally, our departure day has arrived (again). We were supposed to leave two days ago but thanks to that Stella storm we are still in California. Gary and I shared four more fresh California Oranges with English Breakfast Tea
Lunch: With everything packed, and a couple of boxes mailed to our home in New York we were ready to relax. We went to VeggieGrill at the West Gate location. Gary ordered the Quinoa and Veg Burger, Bad Boy Style.
I wanted something cleaner – a salad. I went with the Quinoa Power Salad. When the server brought Gary’s burger she looked at me and said there were no more Quinoa Salads. Why didn’t someone tell me when I was ordering? I quickly picked another salad – the All Hail Kale salad with crispy Tofu. As Gary vacuumed his burger (we were both pretty hunger) the server came back and told me they were out of the crispy Tofu. Out of the Tofu?? Okay, then “how about the Blackened Tempeh, then” I asked. “No, we’re out of that too,” she replied. I gave in and went with the grilled Chickin’ (a Gardein product) made with soy, wheat, and peas. That they had. When it arrived at last the server asked me what kind of dressing. I was so glad that I had not chosen one. It was fantastic without any. That has always been one of my disappointments with Veggie Grill – the salad dressing being too sweet, or too something-or-other. Now I know to ask for none at all.
Daily Green Juice: Next stop, Whole Foods for our last Campbell Blend for this trip. One juice was more orange, which was sweeter and the other was greener. Gary gave me the greener one. We were both happy.
Dinner: We packed a bag of the remaining food when we left the pool house. With a few hours remaining before going to the airport we spent some time at the San Jose Rose Garden. I ate the leftover Corn/Quinoa Pasta with Creamy Arugula/Cashew Pesto and Gary ate the leftover Oatmeal. The rest of the food would come with us for snacks.
Evening: It was hard to believe we were finally going home. We had accomplished so much in the last 9 weeks! While waiting to board we ate fresh Oranges and a few Ginger Chews that we picked up for the trip from Trader Joe’s.

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