What Vegans Eat – Day 765


Breakfast: We arrived home after a red eye flight from California. It was early in the morning. The unpacking could wait. We needed to sleep. I thought we might sleep on the plane at least a few hours but we were both wide awake and there were a lot of movies to watch on our Jet Blue flight. Of course we had some tea – Jasmine and a couple of the Oranges I had brought along from California. Then we went to sleep.
It’s a bit disorienting, surreal in fact, to return home after being away for more than two months. Everything is familiar, but different. We unpacked and plowed through the mail that had been collected by our neighbor Marcia. There were Almonds and Brazil Nuts to munch on and keep us going.
Dinner: We took a walk over to Green Zenphony for dinner. I ordered the Red Cabbage Juice with Lemon and remembered to remind them not to add sugar. One of the servers commented that it would be too tart and that’s the way I wanted it. It’s a wonderful drink.
We ordered the stir fried Pea Pod leaves – they are mandatory. I went with the Bean Curd Delight, a sizzling platter of Bean Curd, Tomatoes, Chinese Cabbage, Snow Peas, Shiitake Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots and Basil in a Chinese Barbecue Sauce.

Gary surprised me and ordered a dish we had never tried – Spicy Veggie Prawns made with Veggie Prawns, Green Peas, Diced Red Bell Peppers and Jicama in spicy Chili Sauce with Broccoli and topped with sweet Walnuts. It was outstanding.
Evening: Our timing is now so off with jet lag and sleeping all day. We had Almond Rooibos Tea with Oatmeal cookies that were left in the freezer, a nice treat we made for ourselves in the past for us to enjoy in the present moment.

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