What Vegans Eat – Day 766


Breakfast: We are moving slowly after our first night back from California. I was happy to make Vanilla Tea in my Breville Tea maker that we call Angie. Gary had made some coconut milk the night before and it was delicious with the tea.
Dinner: I went food shopping and asked to have it delivered. I did not have the energy to walk with several heavy bags on the icy sidewalks. It took many hours for them to arrive. When they did we had a simple dinner of Romaine lettuce salad, Quinoa and Spicy Marinara Sauce that Gary made with some of the jarred Tomatoes we had in the pantry.
For dessert we had sliced Gala Apples, Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter.
Evening: We are still in another time zone, only I am not sure which one. We watched the Academy-Award winning movie, Moonlight and ate Air Pop with Nutritional Yeast.

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