What Vegans Eat – Day 779


Breakfast: When I got up in the morning I went for the Buckwheaties. Gary wanted to wait for the food delivery that contained the Rolled Oats and then he made Oatmeal. We’ve gone without Oats for a quite a stretch. They are back now.
We had dinner plans at Otto Enoteca Pizzeria located at One 5th Ave, near Washington Park and NYU. We were meeting Hal and Judy. Gary worked with Hal in theater years ago and Hal directed me in My Fair Lady, when I played Eliza DoLittle. They were in New York to celebrate their daughter’s birthday and see her in a performance at NYU. Gary and I both started with beers. We reminisced and caught up over great food. I had the Arugula Salad and Brussels Sprouts.
Gary got the Marinara Pizza. The sauce had a spicy kick.
After Hal and Judy left for the show, Gary and I stayed behind and enjoyed another round of beers.
Evening: While traveling on the subway we knew we’d want to eat when we got home. Somehow, restaurant food often doesn’t satisfy us. I told Gary I’d make pancakes. Late Night Pancakes served with Maple Syrup and Teeccino. A perfect ending.

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