What Vegans Eat – Day 897


Breakfast: This morning I got a What’s App message from my friend Beth in Costa Rica. She was looking for a gluten-free Cinnamon Roll recipe. I knew we had made them once so I checked our recipe index here on the site. I looked at the recipe for Brown Sugar Cinnamon Biscuits, created four years ago in 2013 and was inspired to make it again. I knew I could simplify it too and got to work. They were just as good as I remembered!
Cinnamon rolls-plated
Dinner: Gary came home from a rehearsal. We were both feeling a bit weary but decided to go for a casual walk. As soon as we hit the pavement we began our regular power walk. So much for a stroll! When we got back we strolled over to Green Zenphony. They know me there enough now that when I ordered the Cabbage and Lemon Juice I want it without sugar. I always feel I need to tell them I love it this way.
I ordered the Vegan Duck Appetizer for my main dish. It’s a marinated Bean Curd Skin with Mushrooms that I find irresistible.
Gary ordered his old favorite, the Veggie Roast Pork Noodle Soup.
Last but not least, we ordered the Chinese Broccoli. It’s so good!
We finished up with a few small bites of Watermelon.
Evening: Later at home, we had a cool treat of frozen Bananas and frozen Grapes.

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