What Vegans Eat – Day 905


Breakfast: Basic breakfast this morning of Rolled Oats and Soy Milk, topped with frozen Blueberries and Chia Seeds. In the hot weather I like having the frozen fruit on my cereal. It’s cool!
Lunch: How big is your salad? We eat BIG salads. Today’s salad consisted of Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes and Tahini Dressing. You can’t tell how big these salads are so I’ll tell you that the bowls can hold 5 cups. And these bowls are filled. There’s at least 4 cups of salad in each bowl.
Dinner: Gary had a rehearsal in the afternoon. When I knew he was on the way home I put up a pot of Brown and Red Rice and prepared some Carrot and Celery sticks. I wasn’t feeling creative or motivated to cook but I wanted to get something started. When Gary got home he wasn’t sure what to make either. He did want to get some Tempeh marinating so it would be ready to use another time. He typically uses red wine in his Tempeh Marinade but this time substituted Champagne. He put two slabs a tempeh in a Dutch Oven, added the entire bottle of champagne and added dried Apricots, Onions, several cloves of Garlic, and Celery. While it cooked, I served the Cheese platter with Figs and Crudités. We picked up the cheese at Riverdel yesterday. We made an effort not to devour all of it and leave some for another day. It’s so good. This is Cheezehound Mulshenock made with macadamia nuts. Once the tempeh was done, we both decided we’d be happy to eat some tonight.
The Tempeh was fabulous served up with Baked Sweet Potatoes and the Rice and some Tahini Dressing.
Watch Chef Gary carve the Braised Tempeh in Champagne Marinade!


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