What Vegans Eat – Day 908


Breakfast: Gary was off to acting class and I got my butt out of bed and got to work. When I couldn’t concentrate any longer I went searching for food. First I devoured the few pieces of Cantaloupe cut up from last evening that we didn’t finish. Still hungry. Then I found yesterday’s Sourdough Crepes all ready to go, with all the toppings: Blueberry Coulis, Almond Yogurt and Fig Butter. Beautiful.
Lunch: I needed a break from work and wanted to make West African Peanut Stew. I hadn’t made it in over ten years. What was I waiting for? You may have noticed that we have not had any peanut butter in a while and we used to eat it all the time. Gary wants to cut back. There’s peanut butter in this dish. Gary calls it Honeymoon stew because I made it for him on our first trip together when we went to Cape Cod over Christmas/New Year’s in 2006-7. It was a special time – being together and being treated for cancer! We’ve been through a lot. I made Millet to go with it. Notice those odd shaped crackers? When making the Sourdough Crepes yesterday, I thought I would try baking some of the batter in the oven, in addition to cooking some on the griddle. The result was not what I expected but we don’t waste anything! As crackers they were pretty good.
Dinner: Gary made a red sauce with the Tempeh Champagne Marinade and remaining Strained Tomatoes I didn’t use for the stew at lunch. He cooked the remaining millet in the sauce and warmed up the other piece of marinated Tempeh he had made two days ago.
This was all because he wanted to use the cheese grater to grate a little Violife Prosociano (Vegan Parm) over the top of something that resembled pasta with sauce. Why? Because he could. This Violife Prosociano smells, tastes and, best of all, GRATES like real parmesan…only it isn’t…it’s vegan. Afterwards he said, “That was fun! And weird. It’s been over ten years since I’ve grated grating cheese.”

Evening: We finished the day with fresh Pineapple Chunks.

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