What Vegans Eat – Day 910


Breakfast: You may think I am a bit ridiculous sometimes, like this morning for example. I made a Sludgy. This is what I call an exceptionally thick and fibrous smoothie. We had lot of Kale and Collard Stems in the refrigerator. We used to add them to the green juices we made every week but recently I decided to move to smoothies instead of juices. I don’t like to waste them so I blended up a bunch of stems in the Vitamix with water, celery and carrots. I froze half of it, added Bananas, Chia Seeds and Peanut Butter. This made about four big servings. I poured some into a glass for breakfast and froze three more servings for later in the week. I love it! It takes a long time to sip and chew. This is not something that can be guzzled. The fiber fills me up and I feel sated for many hours. I sipped my Sludgy while reading Vegan Food for the Rest of Us, by Ann Hodgman for my show later in the day.
Dinner: We started dinner with crudités: Carrots and Celery dipped in Tahini Dressing.
Gary was making one of my favorites of his signature dishes, Verdure Al Forno, (oven baked vegetables). This time we had Yukon Gold Potaotes, Sweet Potatoes, Red Onions and Carrots, with Herbes de Provence as the seasoning. It’s so simple, but when you start with quality organic produce every bite is sensational.
Evening: We shared a Cantaloupe for our evening dessert.

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  1. Hi Caryn,

    Thanks so much for this blog! Can you please share why you’re switching more to smoothies from juices? Is it due to the increased fiber?

    Thank you,


    • Thanks for reading and for noticing the difference! I started juicing in 2006 when diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. I continued for over ten years, it was my “medicine”. I don’t think I need to juice as much as I did back then when I was in a health crisis. Happily I am in excellent health! My goal is to consume the same amount of food, but I don’t think that is possible, because of all that fiber! But making smoothies is a lot easier and when they are as thick and green as I make them, they are very nutritious! Have you watched the It’s All About Greens 4-part video series? I talk about the difference in juicing and blending there: https://responsibleeatingandliving.com/its-all-about-greens/. I am enjoying eating my celery and carrots as crudités now too.

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