What Vegans Eat – Day 966


Breakfast: We have a lot of fun with leftovers, especially Oatmeal. Just put it in a glass bowl, let it firm up in the refrigerator and unmold it the next day. It’s my kind of Sundae, with Soy Milk for cream, Flax Seeds for Sprinkles and Raspberries all around.
Lunch: I was off again to my parents’ house. My dad had a long procedure today at the NY Blood Center and I would be sitting with him. My mom greeted me with fresh fruit: Strawberries, Honeydew and Cantaloupe.
At the NY Blood Center I couldn’t help but notice the snacks available to the blood donors. I would be interviewing Dr. Joel Fuhrman in a few hours to talk about his new book Fast Food Genocide. The treats on the table here were precisely the kind of foods Dr. Fuhrman discussed in his book that are killing us!
The nurses at the NY Blood Center were nice enough to let me use one of the small offices to record my radio show. I hope you have a chance to hear this program. Dr. Fuhrman’s book is a must-read.
Dinner: My friend Robin picked me up and brought me over to her home. After a brief hike around her property in the cool autumn air, she made a simple meal of Steamed Cauliflower and Fried Tempeh. We both agreed we love Cauliflower this way.
She brought out a dessert she had made and frozen awhile ago. She forgot exactly what was in it so as we ate it we tried to identify the ingredients. There were definitely Blueberries but the rest was a mystery. Since Robin is a vegan, I knew it was safe to eat!
Evening: Getting back home started out fine and ended up as a nightmare! Robin dropped me off at the train station. I realized that I had to change trains at Jamaica Station and it would be faster if I took the subway instead. I got on the subway and the train came right away. I looked forward to be home soon. I got off the train and crossed the platform to take a local train one more stop. Once on this last train, it didn’t stop, it kept going and everyone realized it was going express, skipping five stations. When it finally stopped we all rushed off and cross the platform to grab a local train back in the other direction. I was texting Gary furiously by this point. The evening trains have been running very slowly lately. When my train finally came, it stopped and waited a long time at each station. I got home about an hour later than I had planned. If I had stayed on the Long Island Railroad and not gone to the subway (to save time!) I would have gotten home a lot sooner. Is there a lesson here? Clearly my good “Carma” doesn’t work with trains.
And all the stress worked up an appetite. We nibbled on Black Olives and a few leftover pieces of Tofu Masala while I reheated the last of the Red Lentil Soup. I topped my bowl with mushrooms.

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