What Vegans Eat – Day 981, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Breakfast was easy for me. All I wanted was the leftover soup from last night. And there was a lot of it, made with low sodium Vegetable Broth, Tofu, Kale, Red Onions, Garbanzo Beans, Tahini and Lemon.
Gary opted for a sweeter meal. With some cooked Brown Rice remaining from a few days ago he added Apples and Bananas and some Agave Syrup we found left in the pool house from an earlier visit here.
Lunch: We had a late lunch at Falafel Drive-In. It was not a destination, it was just close to where we were and where we were going, to our second day of auditions. A lot of people love the Falafel Drive-In. We tried to order as clean as we could. They were out of Tabouli. We ordered Falafel Salads and enjoyed them. Yes, I know, these Falafel Balls are fried.
Dinner: Once again our producers, Katie and Barb are making sure we are fed. Katie brought us a beautiful flower bouquet, vegan Doughnut Holes and Forager Strawberry Banana Smoothies. We were happy to share the doughnut holes with everyone. We each downed our smoothies quickly. I love Forager products because they are made with real food.

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