What Vegans Eat – Day 983, Travel Edition


Breakfast: After our first night in Walnut Creek we woke and enjoyed some Teecino and Soy Milk on the terrace. The view is stunning. The cats loved the chance to be outdoors too. Afterwards I made Steel Cut Oats, cooked with Apples and Raisins, topped with Bananas.
Lunch: So it’s back down to San Jose for the last day of callbacks for The Music Man. We wanted to eat before our 5-hour event. It’s been tough deciding lately, there really aren’t many clean, healthy vegan places to go. We stopped at Whole Foods for a Green Juice and a Burrito. We are already starting to feel the changes of Whole Foods being bought by Amazon. Are we imagining things? It’s hard to say. When we learned that the reward cards for the Juice Bar were no longer offered we thought that was part of the new organizational change. The server explained that the rewards stopped before the Amazon purchase and that it was determined by each individual store. I had saved that rewards card in my wallet since our last trip to California. Oh well.
The rewards card for burritos and sandwiches is still valid however. Go figure! This card is recognized by all Whole Foods stores. We each got custom Bean & Rice burritos. I went with the Pinto Beans which had fewer ingredients than the Black Beans, but they both unfortunately had salt and oil. The Brown Rice was clean, made just with water. I added in Lettuce, Corn Salsa, Cilantro and Raw Onions. It was good, but seemed smaller than usual. Could this be a result of the Amazon purchase or are we just paranoid and imagining things? Whole Foods just doesn’t feel the same anymore.
Snack: Gary thought ahead and brought a back of gorp that he made with Figs, Dates and Raw Almonds. And yes, we each had a couple of Ginger Chews too.
Supper: The callbacks are done! We drove the hour-drive to Walnut Creek to get a good night’s rest and get ready in the morning to select our casts for the show. I made a couple of simple Mesclun Green Salads with Tahini Dressing and gave the cats their evening meal too.

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