What Vegans Eat – Day 984, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Did I mention that my computer crashed? Yup, coming back from San Jose to stay in Walnut Creek a couple of nights ago something happened. When I turned it on I got the Apple screen, but no log in box, just a spinning wheel. I’ve had challenges with the MacBook Pro before. After all it’s an early 2011 model. It never should have lasted this long, right? But I still think there is some good life in this machine and I am attached to it. After trying all the recommended fixes I could find online I decided to visit the Genius Bar and we made an appointment in Santa Clara for today. This way Gary could visit his dad in San Jose. We had our morning Teeccino. I was not going to panic! Fortunately Gary has a newer MacBook Pro and I brought my external backup hard drive with me, so I had access to the most important information I would need and could get online. We promised we would have the cast list up by tomorrow night so we had a lot to do. I decided on the way to cancel my Genius Bar appointment. I realized it would make more sense to stay calm and try to fix the computer when we returned home next week. I had a bunch of RAM cards I purchased a while ago to upgrade my computer and maybe installing them will help.
Since we left without breakfast we were ready for lunch when we got to San Jose. We stopped into Khanh’s for our usual fare, starting with Tofu Rolls.
I ordered the Combination Vegetables with Tofu and Shiitake mushrooms.
Gary got the Rice Vermicelli with Vegetables. We especially loved the Bok Choy.
Dinner: We wanted to get to work on the casting list for The Music Man now that the auditions and callbacks were done. Instead of returning right away to Walnut Creek where we are cat sitting, we went to Gary’s sister’s house and worked there. Gary will be staying here most of next week and half our food is here. Once the casting was done, Gary prepared dinner, our kind of home-cooked dinner, while I finished formatting the lists and getting it ready to post online. We had Baked Fries (Yellow, and Sweet), Baked Tofu and steamed String Beans. The String Beans were so fresh and good, I enjoyed them a lot. We don’t make them enough!

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