What Vegans Eat for Weekend Brunch during COVID-19 Sheltering-In-Place


We have been sheltering-in-place for about 4 and a half months. Keeping a routine of exercise, singing and cooking helps keep us sane during these surreal times. We are grateful for the companies that we have been able to order excellent organic foods from, including Sun Organic Farm, Go Organic NYC, Fresh Direct and Vitacost.

It’s the weekend and I like to eat out. That’s what the terrace is for, eating outside. We take the time to prepare a beautiful meal and then we relax and sit outside, as if we are at a restaurant and enjoy all the delicious dishes. Today’s brunch consisted of Gary’s French Scramble with added sautéed Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Celery and Home Fries with our own REAL Ketchup and Blinis served with our REAL Date Paste and REAL Almond Yogurt.

Gary was in charge of the scramble and potatoes. It took a half hour to chop everything, cook the scramble and put the home fries in the oven to bake. At the same time, I prepared my yeasted blini batter. While the batter was rising, I made fresh batches of Date Paste and Ketchup. Then I whipped the aquafaba which always gives me a thrill! After folding it in the batter, I started cooking the blinis. While they cooked we washed and dried the pots and utensils we used to prepare everything and set the table outside on the terrace. When the blinis were done, so were all the dishes accept the ones we were going to eat on.

Everything was perfect. There was a cool breeze outside with an occasional whiff of ocean air. Best of all, there are lots of leftovers for tomorrow.

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