Hartglass & De Mattei, Let’s Go On


Hartglass & De Mattei, Let’s Go On
Let’s talk about the weather! Caryn Hartglass & Gary De Mattei discuss the weather and global warming; visiting New Hampshire and Vermont, discovering a new Squash, and recipes for Thanksgiving. They touch on the election, truth, art and politics. Caryn shares a song from one of her albums called I Go On from Bernstein’s Mass. The lyrics are below.

Lyrics to I Go On, sung by Caryn Hartglass:
When the thunder rumbles now the age of gold is dead.
And the dreams we’ve clung to,
dying to stay young
have left us parched and old instead.
When my courage crumbles,
When i feel confused and frail.
When my spirit falters, on decaying alters.
And my illusions fade.
I go on right then.
I go on again.
I go on to say I will celebrate another day.
I go on.
If tomorrow tumbles,
and everything I love is gone,
I will face regret,
All my days and yet
I will still go on.
Lauda- de- da- de- dae.

Links mentioned in the program:
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Deep Dish Apple Pie, Double Crust
Pumpkin Pie
Coconut Cream Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Purple Sweet Potato Pie
Savory Pumpkin Pie
Coconut Koginut Squash Soup
Robin’s Koginut Squash

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