What Vegans Eat – Day 1180


Breakfast: Somehow I got up early enough to make waffles before going to work on the Food Revolution Network Summit. I chose to make Cherry Almond Waffles, my latest waffle recipe, to test it out. We were out of Millet so I double the Oats used in the recipe. The result was exquisite. I made a quick Peanut Butter Cream. It’s something I love and easy to make. I think the peanut butter with water, beating them together with a fork until creamy. Then I sweetened it with a little Apricot Butter. The result was heavenly.

Lunch: After the Summit, Gary and I walked over to Green Zenphony. It was about time we checked in there. We started with the usual. I had the Veggie Duck Cold Cut.

Gary had his Veggie Ribs.

He also chose the Veggie Pork Noodle Soup.

I got the Tofu with Tomato and Basil. It also had other fresh veggies in it.

Somehow a few slices of a sweet, juicy orange are all. you need to finish a perfect meal.


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