What Vegans Eat – Day 1260, Travel Edition – Bay Area, CA


Lunch: Yesterday I learned that Robbyne Kaamil had died of pancreatic cancer. I didn’t know her very well but had the chance to interview her twice on my “It’s All About Food” show. I decided to rebroadcast those two interviews today on my show, in memory of her inspiring, generous spirit. I hope you take the time to listen!
I have the routine down now with food and liquids during rehearsal and basically did a repeat of yesterday. We had our water bottles filled with distilled water and fresh Lemon, our tea was made and put in our Thermos bottles. Gary and I sat on the steps outside of the theater and had our lunch of Greens, Polenta, Tomatoes, Avocado and Black Bean Tomato Stew.

Dinner: Just last week we were at Veggie Grill and were disappointed with the service. I sent the company feedback and had a nice exchange with one of the Guest Advocates, Anthony. He gave us a $15 credit to try them again and we did. This time we splurged. We shared the Nachos.

I had to try to the Summer Celebration Salad. It comes with Purple Potato Salad. It was yummy flavored with Vinegar and Dill. I will have to make this at home.

Gary tried the B-Wing Sandwich. We were happy and stuffed. Gary left over half of his sandwich which I got to eat later after our evening rehearsal.


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