What Vegans Eat – Day 1775: Food for a Tooth Extraction


First Meal: Gary’s been through a lot. His gum where the tooth was extracted is healing well. He’s been sleeping fine at night. He deserves pancakes! And they are soft, no serious chewing required. I made him a big stack.

Second Meal: Another excellent thing to prepare when eating soft foods is the green smoothie. I was craving a salad but I knew Gary couldn’t chew those leaves. I blended Kale with Mango, Banana and Soy Milk.

I made my self my new favorite soup, or congee: cooked Red, Black and Brown Rice with fresh Ginger, Mushroom Powder, Water and Barley Miso. YUM!

Third Meal: I don’t think we have been getting enough calories because we are both super hungry on this mostly puréed food diet. I made a late night sauté of Tempeh marinated in a sauce of Apricot Butter and water, Red Onions, Orange Bell Pepper and Basil. I cooked the vegetables so that they were soft and easy to chew. And tempeh, although chewy is soft. Gary ate it all up.


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