What Vegans Eat – Day 1816


First Meal: Gary and I got up super early again but this time we were both going to the same audition. What fun to be able to do this together. It almost made the pain of getting up early somewhat bearable. We arrived at Actors Equity at about 7:45am and the waiting room was full. We gave our names and were numbers 41 and 42 on the list! After 8am we were allowed to proceed to the audition holding room and wait for the monitor to show up and assign our audition times. At about 8:45am the monitor was ready. The earliest time available was 2:50pm. We decided not to go home. First stop was Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast. Gary ordered the Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal and Mint Tea made with fresh mint leaves.

I’m in love with the new Vegan Forager Bowl.

After breakfast we walked over to the New York City Public Library for the Performing Arts, our favorite library in the whole world! There is a new exhibition called In the Company of Harold Prince. It’s free and we went in. We loved it and want to go back. There was so much to take in. It was especially inspirational to see before an audiiton. We got back to Actors Equity in plenty of time to focus and prepare and then do our 2-minute auditions. Two minutes!
Second Meal: Back at home, high on adrenaline and exhausted from the excitement of the day we had our late lunch. Leftovers to the rescue, hurray! First course, Borscht with homemade Cashew Yogurt.

Second course, a big Power Greens Salad with Home Fries and Tofu Frittata.

Third Meal: Sometimes this is all we want to eat. Organic Red Rice & Quinoa Thin Stackers with Almond Butter and Date Paste. Ah, the good life.


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