What Vegans Eat – Day 290


Breakfast: With a belly still a little full from Thanksgiving I went for a variation on the Super Green Power Smoothie. Instead of the nuts, seeds and nut and seed butters I used a piece of Raw Pecan Pie from Thanksgiving. Why not? It was made with pecans, walnuts and dates. I sipped and chewed on about 4 glasses of this energizing mix.
With a refrigerator crammed with great food I had to sample a little. I had some vanilla black tea with our Vegan Chopped Liver and Triscuits.
Lunch: Lovely leftovers of lunch, our homemade vegan cheeses, slices of La Baguette, and Olive Bread, Celery Sticks, Assorted Olives and Vegan Chopped Liver.
Dinner: The best part of Thanksgiving is relaxing and enjoying the foods that took days to prepare. We got to create our own plates and I chose Baked Tofu, Tempeh In Crosta, Brussels Sprouts, a href=”https://responsibleeatingandliving.com/garlic-mashed-potatoes/” title=”Mashed Potatoes” target=”_blank”>Roasted Garlic Masked Potatoes, Mushroom Gravy, Creamy Risotto and Cranberry Sauce.

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