What Vegans Eat – Day 404


Breakfast: Toasted Corn Bread (maybe even better than when it’s fresh baked) with our favorite schmears: Apricot Butter, Prune Butter and Vegan Butter.

Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots

Dinner: I was craving Corn Chowder and Gary went to the REAL recipe index and found my Corn Chowder recipe. And guess what, he made it better! How did you do it Gary? We both had 2 big bowls. It was a quiet meal. All I could say in between spoonfuls was, “Mm, I really love this soup!”

Evening: I got to making Hamentaschen. We are both into eating more whole foods, so I adapted my recipe a little bit, using less sugar and soaked almonds in place of the shortening. I also left out the xanthan gum. The result was a very delicious cookie but it took a lot of patience to shape each one. Without the xanthan gum, the dough is not obedient. But with patience and a zen frame of mind, plus a desire to eat cookies, I made 24 cookies, filled with our homemade Apricot Butter, Prune Butter and Lemon Poppy Seed.

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