What Vegans Eat – Day 459


Breakfast: I was traveling home today. I had an early flight and a full day planned when I returned home to New York. I wasn’t hungry but ate a quick bowl of Rolled Oats and Soy Milk. I knew I’d be home in time for lunch.
Lunch: With engine troubles before take off, we had to deplane and wait to board another. The flight left about 3 hours later. I had planned a visit to the hair salon and then Gary and I were going to shoot a video for a client. Now everything was going to take place a lot later. I was hungry. As we like to say in the veg world, “at least there was hummus”. I found a Hummus Vegetable Wrap in the airport. It was pretty good.
Snack: Grateful for Gary who had prepared a snack for me before going to the salon: Tofu Masala with a variation on our Seed Caesar Dressing, Lettuce Leaves for wraps and some Avocado. I was fortified and ready to get back to work.
Dinner: After the shoot we sat down to some Millet and Bean Soup.
Gary served us some Green Tea with a little Prune Butter in it. Some time ago we learned about Samovars and how Russians would sweeten their tea with jam. It’s lovely and whenever we have a little Prune Butter or Apricot Butter left in the jar, we mix it with our tea and it’s a nice treat.
Daily Green Juice: Last but not least, I enjoy a glass of Green Juice, just the way I like it, with Kale, Collards, Celery and Carrots. It is good to be back home.

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