What Vegans Eat – Day 658


Brunch: It’s a savory start of the day for me with Fresh Romaine Lettuce Salad, Millet with Cashew Cheese Sauce, Sauerkraut and Bai Mu Dan tea.
The Pumpkin Pie I made yesterday was fine for lunch. It was more than fine actually. It was spectacular.
We were invited to an International Studio & Curatorial Program event in Brooklyn called Terike Haapoja and Steven M. Wise in conversation.
We sipped on red wine to relax once we arrived in Brooklyn after walking down a few dark streets in the rain.
I’ve interviewed Steven Wise a couple of times and he will be back on IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD in December. I admire his patience, working and fighting for non-human animal rights. He acknowledges that his work, if successful, will only change the law in a small way, and that it takes many small steps to make change.
Dinner: We got home late and I already knew what I would make for our evening supper. I had prepared it all in my mind on the subway ride home. It was a late night diner breakfast special – eggs, potatoes and coffee! I made Vegan Omelettes with Chickpea Flour and Chickpea Aquafaba, Red Onions, Roasted Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Field Roast Sausages and Cashew Cheese. Gary made the herbed Home Fries. The coffee was Dandy Blend with Coconut Milk. This meal was better than I had dreamed!

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