What Vegans Eat – Day 677


Breakfast: Waking up I knew there was going to be a great Sunday breakfast awaiting us. We had homemade Challah and our new Meatloaf recipe. That meant cold Meatloaf sandwiches!
Lunch: Our neighbors called us to join them for lunch. It was warm out, but windy and rainy. Six of us ventured out together to Agora. They have a wonderful grilled vegetable plate. Gary and I both ordered it and because we had had such a lovely breakfast, there was a lot leftover to take home. You’ll be seeing these colorful beauties in another dish real soon.
Dinner: We did a repeat on breakfast, cold Meatloaf sandwiches on Challah with some of the grilled peppers from lunch, along with Roasted Garlic and Red Onion Smashed Cauliflower. I started with a big pile of the Smashed Cauliflower.
Then I made my sandwich. It’s beautiful isn’t it?
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Cabbage, Celery, Lemon, Ginger

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