What Vegans Eat – Day 805


Breakfast: It’s Tuesday and I have two books to finish before my radio show in the afternoon. I am reading Barbara J. King’s Personalities on the Plate, and Casey Taft’s Millennial Vegan. Gary took the leftover Millet and reheated it with Berries and Walnuts and topped it with Anita’s Coconut Yogurt. This Coconut Yogurt is thick and decadent. A little goes a long way.
Lunch: The party continued at lunch time. We ate the Grated Potato Galettes topped with Tofu Sour Cream (that we forgot to serve at Saturday’s party), yesterday’s fantastic Tofu Lasagna with Spicy Marina and Almond Mozzarella Cheese; Bagels with Kite Hill Cream Cheese and Carrot “Salmon”; Mini Healthy World Burgers with Cashew Cheese Fondue Sauce all sprinkled with chopped Jalapeno Peppers.
Tea Break: We had tickets to see Dianne Wiest in Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days. It was a nice day when we descended down into the subway station and when we came out in Brooklyn it was cold, windy and wet. Our umbrellas were ridiculous in the wind, turning inside out as we walked to the theater. We arrived early, cold, winded and wet. Fortunately there was tea, served in ecotainer cups. I had a Chai and Gary went for the herbal Mint. We refilled our cups once before finally feeling warm and comfortable. Then we were ready for some real theater. The play was fantastic.
Evening: Back at home we made some small Parfaits with Rolled Oats, Blueberries and Anita’s Coconut Yogurt. I haven’t had Oats in days and my intestines needed a good scrub. This is about the most delicious way to do it.

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